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Month 2

It’s been a busy month here at 3J, one way or another, which is at least part of the reason why I’m a little bit late putting fingers to keyboard for only my second blog attempt.

As we turned the calendar over to July (where has this year gone) it marks two notable occasions for the 3J team. The first being our fourth birthday. We’ve come a long way in that short time and I’m really proud of what we have achieved. That birthday also coincides with the end of our financial year - which means we can get a grasp on how the company is actually doing in the grand scheme of things. The great news is that we have shown a sales increase of over 30% year-on-year, and that’s thanks in the main to our passionate and dedicated team, led by sales manager Jake Cope.

From my point of view it’s obviously reassuring to see that the hard work is paying off, as our core-range of products has been very well received. Plus, as we continually heavily re-invest in new facilities, staff, design and products it’s good to see that it’s coming to fruition with this latest stage of growth. Also it is still early days for us at 3J and with our vision and ideas for the future, I’m certain that things will continue to go from strength to strength.

After giving us all a pat on the back, the champagne bottle had barely reached room temperature before I was back in the thick of things and having numerous interesting and high-level meetings with key people from the industry. Whilst 3J might be a young company, figuratively speaking, myself and a couple of the guys here at 3J have been involved in the transmission/drivetrain industry for a number of years, and so now that we are established it has been good to re-kindle old relationships, as well as begin new ones. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring you some exciting news on that front at some stage in the near future.

With our core range of products speaking for themselves, and new ranges of gear kits, NXG applications, and dog transmissions coming along at a satisfactory rate, it’s good to start looking at new avenues and product lines that we can bring to market and shift 3J Driveline up another gear. Whilst we could sit back and carry on as we are, that’s not in our DNA, so we’ve got a couple of projects in the pipeline that may hopefully be ready as soon as the Autosport International Show in 2017. I’ll bring you more news on that over the coming months.

It’s great to hear feedback on how our products perform and it seems that the BMW Mini Getrag NXG differentials are proving a big hit. A recent customer, Gordon Kerr, said this of his newly fitted diff: “I was told by a friend that your LSD would transform the car, and he was correct. After driving it on track before and after I have to say that the difference was unbelievable – the drive through the bends was epic.”

On the subject of feedback, our very popular Atlas NXG has recently been upgraded. We listened to people’s thoughts and made the changes, making our already great Atlas unit, even better. This is now on the shelf and ready to ship.

During all of this we’ve also managed to secure a number of new casting patterns for various gearbox and differential casings, meaning we’ll be able to manufacture our own casings and add to our already popular range of alloy and magnesium English diff housings.

It seems that a couple of our sponsored race cars are out there getting the results, with Anthony Hawkins popping in to 3J HQ to tell us about his recent great results from Rockingham in his Pickup. From my point of view it has been great to follow him and his team, and watch them progress as the season continues. Well done to everyone involved.

Spoox Motorsport have also been bringing home the silverware with their Time Attack Peugeot, standing on the top step at the last two rounds - Nice one guys.

The talented Steve Dance has been showing a clean pair of heels to his rivals in his Capri RS2600. I used to watch him race when I was younger, so it’s great to have him out there running our products and doing so well.

So as you can see, all told it has been a fairly hectic month. Writing this blog is almost a therapy for me, helps me get it all off of my chest. I like to think of it as sharing. But before I sign off, I’d like to say a sincere thank you to everyone that has been a part of the 3J story up until this point, and I really am excited about what the future holds for us. Thanks for reading.

Dan Jones MD 3J Driveline

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